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Alma, Swanscombe, Kent

This project is for the development of 13no. co-living units at the former Alma Public House in Swanscombe Town Centre. Directly opposite the railway station, planning approval has been granted for the demolition of a former pub and rebuild of the uniquely designed block. 

The proposal is the result of a high level of design consideration, with the scale being one of the prime drivers. Essentially, the proposal is high where it is appropriate to be high and low where that is appropriate. As a result, the highest part faces the high street, albeit that the single-storey box is the same as the existing single-storey part in this part of the site. The height then decreases steadily along Alma Road, in deference to neighbouring buildings and the gardens of neighbours, leading to a two-storey “tail” and ultimately to the single-storey bin and bike store.


This co-living scheme has 13 no. en-suite units with generous communal spaces on the basement and ground floor. 


The scheme is to feature a high-quality brick facade, with curtain wall glazing and alternative colour panels. The scheme further benefits from a green roof and green wall, with mini vegetated planting boxes on the ground floor. These features will provide additional insulation, improve air quality and will reduce rain-water runoff. It will also introduce nature into the existing fully hardstanding site.  The scheme further benefits from a bike storage facility in timber cladding.  

The scheme was granted planning permission in 2019, started on site 2020 and was completed in 2022.

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