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We love to design buildings which raise the spirits of its users, with an emphasis on the flow of the space, and response to context such as views, sun-path, and relationship with the garden and nature. Our process is a journey, where together we tease out the optimum scheme for you.

We work closely with homeowners, developers, and committees on a range of scales from large extensions to 1-97 new-build homes, producing high-quality work, floor plans, drawings and 3D views.  Our friendly and knowledgeable team consistently offers a personal yet highly professional service.

In 2021 we also launched our new climate initiative, which we are committed to in every project. Click here to view it now.

Designscape Consultancy is a high-quality design firm, that specialises in bespoke, sustainable design and architecture, including building design, house design, urban design and complete renovations. 

Meet the Team

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