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Ashford Havilands

The Havilands development is at the edge of the village of Wye near Ashford and consists of over 50 houses. We were appointed to carry out the design, planning, production information (working drawings) and building regulations for the final phase of 14 houses, which were completed in 2012.


This development features very high quality houses of individual design and has continued to sell well throughout the difficult times of the past few years. Half of the overall site is set out as a meadow for potential floodwater storage, and this also provides great amenity for all residents. One of the main design considerations was the creation of a coherent village townscape while providing individual houses, most of which are detached.


This has been achieved, and the development is well worth a visit. The main design consideration regards architectural language is that the houses are more traditional towards the existing village houses and then become progressively more contemporary as one moves toward the houses overlooking the meadow and the excellent unrestricted rural views.

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